Saturday, October 12, 2013

Crack ... a demon best sent back to hell

This is just one of many experiences that I had while spending 180 days in the County Jail.

One night about 8:30 I heard someone crying for help. I went down to where I heard the crying and saw a man curled up in a ball laying on his bed. He was obviously in tremendous pain. I decided to stay with him until the health nurse could come down to see him. I realized that his appendix had ruptured. I laid hands on him and started praying for his pain to be lessened and for his health. It took the nurse about 45 minutes to get there to see him then another 30 minutes before an ambulance arrived to take him to the hospital. I was praying the whole time. About 10 minutes into this whole ordeal I saw what looked to be a dark shadow rise up out of this man and then I heard it scream as it left him and went out through the wall. I realized that a demon had just left him because it couldn't take the Holy Spirit being pored out on him.

I saw him 2 weeks later and he told me that he had been delivered from a nasty crack addiction. He told me that he was a Christian but that he had a overwhelming taste in his mouth for crack. He said he tasted it all the time and he couldn't shake it. He told me that he felt and heard that demon leave him that night and that the taste for crack left with it. We spent the rest of that night on our knees praising God.

If we are containers of Christ then we contain all of Him. No limitations. Christ as you and me is equipped with spiritual gifts that vary among us in expression, and that these gifts are to be stirred and developed in ourselves and each other.
Praise God.

by Dave Moss

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